Our goal is a sustainable resource economy, in which the world’s citizens and environment thrive together, now and in the future.

Recent publications

  • The Electric Power Struggle

    Article by Walt Patterson

    18 Jun 2018  •  13 min read

  • Betting on BECCS? Exploring Land-Based Negative Emissions Technologies

    Event summary by Rob Bailey and Richard King

    17 May 2018  •  24 min read

  • Supporting Healthy and Sustainable Diets: how do we get there?

    Event summary by Bernice Lee, Sudhvir Singh and Laura Wellesley

    27 Apr 2018  •  21 min read

  • Soils & climate: from hidden depths to centre stage?

    Event summary by Sonja Vermeulen

    9 Mar 2018  •  19 min read

  • Scrapping the combustion engine: the metals critical to success of EVs

    Article by Daniel Quiggin

    28 Jul 2017  •  15 min read

  • Are we on the cusp of a demand revolution?

    Article by Bernice Lee

    18 May 2017  •  17 min read


  • Reinventing the Plastic Bottle

    Conference by Hoffmann Centre

    5 March 2018, 17:00–19:30 GMT  •  Chatham House, 10 St James's Square, London SW1Y 4LE United Kingdom

  • Meeting the Paris Climate Targets and Beyond: Technologies for Future Food Systems

    Workshop by Hoffmann Centre, EER, CIFF, CLUA, World Economic Forum

    19 March 2018, 08:30–17:00 PDT  •  San Francisco

  • Shifting Sustainable Consumption for 1.5°C

    Workshop by Hoffmann Centre & Stanley Foundation

    10–12 July 2018  •  Amsterdam, Netherlands