The Future of Electricity

The Hoffmann Centre is exploring the future of electricity, a crucial factor in the transition to a clean, affordable, reliable and sustainable global energy system. These publications analyse key aspects of the electricity transition, including technology, resources, business models and social and political implications, suggesting innovative ways to address the problems and opportunities arising. 

Collection (4 publications)

  • Redefining Electric Resources

    Article by Walt Patterson

    28 Sep 2018  •  14 min read

  • Flexibility: Shifting the Power Balance

    Article by Daniel Quiggin and Antony Froggatt

    22 Aug 2018  •  12 min read

  • The Electric Power Struggle

    Article by Walt Patterson

    18 Jun 2018  •  13 min read

  • What Electric Business?

    Article by Walt Patterson

    1 Feb 2019  •  13 min read