Europe Consultation: International Trade Policy for Sustainable Production

Event organiser

Hoffmann Centre

29 July 2020, 10:00–12:00 CEST  •  Workshop


This event has already taken place.

Event organiser

Hoffmann Centre

This consultation aims to draw together a group of Europe-based experts, advocates and stakeholders for an informal exchange on three of the key strategic questions facing those working for a more sustainable trade agenda at the international level:

1. How do trade agreements need updating to better support environmentally sustainable production and climate action? What specific improvements in trade rules could yield the greatest environment impact?

2. Which existing rules and efforts - national, bilateral, regional, plurilateral and multilateral - are the most promising building blocks for further improvements?

3. Where are the political prospects for success greatest and what kind of alliances would progress require? How could sustainable trade agendas more effectively incentivise and support more environmentally sustainable production in developing countries and address their development concerns?

This discussion will focus specifically on what kinds of new or updated rules are needed and ideas on other ways to advance progress toward more environmentally sustainable production in trade, such as market-based initiatives, trade governance mechanisms beyond formal changes to rules, and non-trade international policy processes (e.g., MEAS, SDGs, climate negotiations, etc).


  • Michela Gariboldi

    Research Assistant, Hoffmann Centre for Sustainable Resource Economy

    [email protected]